You are way more than

just a trophy wife, sis!

Life is for living, but lately you feel like you’re living life for someone else. A woman like you is made for so. much. more. than endless shopping trips and cheering from the sidelines as you hop from city to city supporting your partner’s career. #thankyounext

Be real with me now:

On paper, it sounds luxury as luxury can be. But in real life? You can’t keep doing this forever.

You’ve got big dreams and the big drive to match, and you’re tired of channeling them into charity events and going out to lunch with your boo. #boooooooringafterawhile

You want to bring in your own cash money, honey, and take a stand for BOTH partners being successful, fulfilled and (while we’re at it) rich AF. No more sacrificing yourself on the altar of your man’s career. You’re ready to worship at your own.

Can I get an amen?!


Put down the vanilla frappe latte and step away from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You’ve got some SERIOUS work to do. Work that lights you up and impacts the world in a powerful and positive way.

It’s time to turn on your red-soled heels and walk confidently towards the business of YOUR dreams.

Hi, I’m Izabella (or Bella for short).

I’m a Business Mentor, Speaker and have a partner who is a professional athlete. He supports me in my dreams, and I support him in his. We have that wake up, make sh*t happen type of vibe. Overall, I’m living my own version of the #highlife. However, it hasn’t always been this Insta-worthy.

I fell in love with my partner at age 12. Back then, he played for the biggest football club in the world, so it’s safe to say HE was the one who was shining.

I did my best to fit in, but it wasn’t long before I realized I deserved better than settling to just support someone else’s success. I craved my own type of success — one that came with purpose, fulfillment and of course, cashamola.

I knew there were so many other women who felt this way too. Women with their own passions, perspectives, and ambitions who refuse to stay hidden for even a minute longer. So I set up online, grew my business from zero to multiple-6 figures at age 22, and haven’t slowed down since.

Today I support partners of athletes, entertainers & businessmen to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight as they scale their businesses and live their very own #highlife. Haters will say it’s photoshopped, but we know the truth 😉


I came across Izabella on Instagram and instantly knew that she was the girl I needed to work with. She has supported me in building my team, put structure in place that make my business run smoothly and we are now hitting over £100K each and every month.

- Chantelle Thompson, Serial Entrepreneur


I’m here to help you stop waking up in the morning, asking yourself the question of “what shall I work on today?”. 

I created The #GoalDigger Planner to make sure you have the purrfect and productivity plan to achieving your goals. 

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