6 Months Coaching & Mentoring Programme

With Success Coach, Izabella Levey

The ultimate programme for women entrepreneurs who are ready to become fully booked out bosses with £5K+ months on lock
(even if you’ve never had a paying client)

Glamboss, let’s keep it real…

You’re not the type of woman who was born to be basic. You expect the best from yourself AND your business.

That’s why the undercharging, undervaluing, and underselling your services has gotta stop, like, yesterday.


What you actually deserve? (And stay with me here, because it’s a lot):

A successful business that bankrolls your #bestlife with cashmola left ovah.

Feeling so flipping confident in your gifts AND your ability to sell them, you hold your head as high as an Egyptian queen’s.

Working on your rose gold laptop, serving first-class clients who pay premium prices (because you’re seriously worth it plus tax).

Having infinite financial freedom to be, do and have literally anything your heart desires “Yes, please. I’ll take the white Range Rover to go. And put one of those ridiculously large bows on it like in the Christmas commercials.”

Making an impact that goes way beyond anything you’ve ever done before. Because when you take a stand for yourself, you take a stand for women everywhere.

IT’S NOT YOUR fantasy.
IT’S YOUR future.

Allow me to open the golden gates to your new world with *drumroll*

The #GlamBoss Academy is your bespoke itinerary for successfully booking yourself out with 1:1 clients and hitting those £5K-£10K months you can’t wait to brag about. (What? No shame in this game.)

You’ll receive high level mentoring from a multi six-figure millennial mentor who will take your well-manicured hand, coach you to your next level and provide you with all the resources you need to get there with grace.

Because burnout is NOT part of this plan.

HEY #GlamBoss!

I’m Izabella, the go-to Business Mentor for service-based entrepreneurs like you. I’m ready to help you drop the struggle and soar to success. What do I know about it? My own success story started in September 2017, when I locked down 17 fabulous clients in my first month in business (yeah, I am that type of woman). I went from charging £25per/hour to multi 6 figures in my first year alone. And it wasn’t a fluke either, because this biz has been scaling ever since, sis.

I know what it’s like to have those big dreams, whilst everyone else looks like they are doing it easily. You want the successful business, the financial freedom, the travel and all the luxuries that go with it — and you want to do it on YOUR TERMS.

I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s absolutely possible for you. #crossmyheartandhopetoscuffmyHermesbag. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve helped countless clients do it too. When you join The #GlamBoss Academy, you’ll rise into their ranks.

What is the
#GlamBoss Academy?

The #GlamBoss Academy is a high vibe and high level coaching & mentoring programme for service-based, female entrepreneurs who are ready to get booked out with 1:1 clients, make mega moolah and live a life of luxury.

“My life changed the moment I decided: actually I can.”

Cover your eyes with a cucumber and imagine for a second:

Having clear-as-the-blue-sky clarity on your business and the next power moves you’ve gotta make to turn it from passion project into profitable money-making machine.

Ideal clients queuing up to work with you, sliding into your DMs like your thirsty ex-boyfriend after one too many Mojitos.

Knowing exactly what you’re selling with no fuss. Packages? Nailed. Pricing? Premium. Programmes? Laid out and ready to sell.

Increasing your bank account as you increase your wealth consciousness
Leaving your sales calls, cash in hand, new client on the calendar.

Having simple, strategic marketing that werks without you needing to drop any dimes on paid advertising.

The #GlamBoss Academy is a 6-month live group coaching and mentoring programme exclusively designed to take you from wondering where all your dream clients are to being booked (and paid) by them on the reg.

Whether you’re starting from square one, or you’ve been banging your head against the business-building wall for quite some time now, The #GlamBoss Academy will take you on a high-flying journey of personal and professional growth you can’t get anywhere else.

For all the inside scoop, have a saucy scroll through the curriculum that will fast track you to hitting those £5k and £10k months.

Orientation Gift Suite —

Yours Just For Enrolling

Being The #GlamBoss

The LUXE Mindset
Design your very own miracle morning so you connect to your higher self and train your brain for success.

Wealth Consciousness
Create a positive and powerful relationship with money so you can create wealth and live an abundant life.

Spacious Schedule
Productivity and time management techniques that allow you to stay focused and in flow.
Set yourself up for success by creating a spacious schedule which allows time for work and play.

The Complete Training Suite

Module 1: #GlamBoss Goals & Action Plan

Get the ultimate clarity on your dream business. What does it look like? How expansive does it feel?

Set your booming business, financial and luxe lifestyle goals and develop a strategic step by step action plan to slingshot you straight to ‘em.

Module 2: Attracting Your First Class Clients

Identify your ideal client so you know exactly who’s gonna line up around the block to be in your client roster. 

Master the art of magnetizing your ideal clients so they find you rather than you needing to scramble, sweat and search

Module 3: The First Class Package

Leverage your time and increase your income by creating a premium package with a premium price point. (Hint: it’s actually EASIER to sell than lower-ticket offers)

Create a first-class experience for your client by walking through the exact profound transformational journey you’re going to take them on.

Module 4: Standing Out Online

Laser in on your message from the start so that the world knows exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should hand you their credit card number.

Develop your unique premium pillars so you can stand out like the superstar you are.

Become a respected voice by developing your very own brand story that magnetizes in your audience (without you even needing to bribe them with a Starbucks latte first)

Module 5: High Ticket Sales

Learn the exact process you need to invite your prospects to a ‘discovery call’ that leads on to a sale (in an “un-salesy” way).

Get Izabella’s step-by-step sales script which shows you how to master the art of sales (while never ever ever ever feeling like a used car salesman).

How to handle literally any objection your prospect throws at you, so they can get out of their own way and into your transformational programme

    Module 6: Fabulous Facebook Groups

    Set up your Facebook Group and attract your clients (without throwing a small fortune on marketing).

    Learn how to communicate and engage with your audience from posts to Facebook lives. They won’t be able to look away.

    Module 7: Social Media Makeover

    Make your mark on social media by developing a consistent brand message and feel that’s got ‘em falling in love with you from first click 

    Create a social media plan with all the bingeable content that will have your audience voluntarily handcuffed to your feed.

    Module 8: #GlamBoss Branding

    Create a powerful presence by developing your unique brand that’ll have your ideal clients double tapping and telling their friends and followers about you.

    Find out the must have photos & videos that you need if you want to turn heads and attract clients

    Get access to Izabella’s top tips on all things photoshoots, styling & wardrobe. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN.

    Module 9: Your Flawless Freebie

    How do you turn casual browsers into buyers who are so convinced you’re an expert, they can’t wait to pony up the Benji’s to work with you? Simple: You show ‘em what you’ve got before they even ask.

    This module will provide you with:

    • Izabella’s ‘Flawless Freebie Framework” so you can follow that 1-2 step that’ll convert new followers into paying clients
    • How to pinpoint the exact flawless freebie that’ll have your ideal client hop, skip and jumping at the chance to join your email list.
    • How to turn those hot to trot leads into clients who pay to play

    Module 10: Nurturing Your Audience

    Get access to Izabella’s personal “Hook-Up Process” that’s responsible for her consistently filling her coaching programs.

    Design your very own freebie to capture your ideal clients’ attention and turn them into paying customers.

    Module 11: The Intimate Intensive

    What’s the most profound — and profitable — way to create a one-of-a-kind transformation for your clients? An intimate intensive designed to deliver the high-touch, high-impact results they’ve been missing.

    This module will provide you with:

    • The fancy trick to having your biggest cash injection in business yet
    • How to be the hostess with the mostest who creates divinely curated intensives that make your clients feel like pampered celebs
    • Checklists and oh-so-easy templates so you don’t miss a thing for the big day

    Module 12: Financial Freedom

    Create ways to manage your wealth and gain practical tips on having a spending plan to give you complete control of your money, honey.

    The financial literacy tips you wish they’d taught you in school (but didn’t for some reason).

    Enrolment is now open!

    Wanna know what I’m gonna fill your purse with when you join #GlamBoss Academy?

    Let’s break it down…

    1:1 Private Session with the #Glamboss herself, Izabella

    YES WAY! Kick-start your success with your very own exclusive private session with Izabella where she will lovingly kick your business’s butt into full gear.

    2 X Monthly Group Coaching with Izabella

    Twice a month, Izabella will be present with all the #GlamBosses to answer your burning questions. This is your opportunity to be live in the hot seat and receive the same, customised high-level coaching and mentoring that costs her private clients several thousand dollars more. Curl up on the couch in your silk PJs and get ready for two hours of all things empire building.

    12 Must Have Money Making Modules

    These 12 modules will take you through a step by step process to streamlining your businesses success and getting booked out with 1:1 clients. You will learn how to charge premium prices, attract and sign high-end clients and develop a magnetising marketing plan so you get into your £10K/month groove.

    Global #GlamBoss Community

    You will have 24/7 access to a high-vibe Private #GlamBoss Facebook Community full of #GlamBosses from all around the globe who are also dreaming about their LA Mansion with the big gates and garage full of cars that would make any Kardashian jelly.

    Membership Site

    Gain lifetime access to our members lounge jam packed with your money making modules, coaching call recordings, workbooks, exercises, videos, checklists. Imagine walking into a room filled with business-building treasures. Touch them, and everything turns to gold. Yeah, that’s this membership site.



    I was told I was CRAZY, I like to live up to that!

    What they say about Izabella…

    Investment Options

    Your enrollment in #GlamBoss Academy Coaching Programme includes:

    1 x Private Kickstart Coaching Session with Izabella Levey
    where we’ll light the fire of desire and give you a deliciously easy-to-follow recipe for attracting consistent clients and growing your business with ease.

    Twice a month, 2 Hours Live Q&A Calls with Izabella
    where you’ll receive the mentorship, training, support and accountability to stop stalling already and get into mega-mint-making mode.

    12 Must Have Training Modules
    to accelerate your success and get you lightning fast results.

    Exclusive #GlamBoss Facebook Community
    where you’ll link arms with sisters from other misters who are ready to build the businesses of their dreams too. We’re talking about collaboration, community and probably some champagne poppin’ to boot.

    Lifetime Access to Membership Site
    so you can keep walking back through these digital doors anytime you need to. They’re always open.

    Regular: Pay in Full

    £ 4,000

    Payment Plan

    Deposit of £ 1,125

    + 5 Monthly Payments of £675

    Regular: Pay in Full

    £ 4,000

    Regular: Payment Plan

    Deposit of £ 1,125

    + 5 Monthly Payments of £675

    Schedule your private complimentary call with Izabella today to see if this programme will support you in scaling to £5K – £10K months and gaining that financial freedom that you can’t stop thinking about.

    Enrolment is now open!

    Does this feel like a match made in Heaven?
    You’re a born #GlamBoss if…

    You are a service based entrepreneur who wants to become her own Sugar Mama and bring a bag full of cash + clients to the table

    You are amazing at what you do and have all the skill sets, but need all the business blocks put into place to hit your £5k months — and then some.

    You are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the successful business that you desire — and receiving the coaching and training that will take you there faster.

    What they say about Izabella…

    One of the most incredible female entrepreneurs of this time. An influencer, thought leader and complete inspiration in everything she does and executes. Her energy, ethics and skill set is on fire. She will touch you and literally, you will turn to gold. She will change your life forever.

    Jennifer Hardie, UK

    I tripled my prices and income! I desired to be location independent, quit my job and move abroad to move forward with my coaching business. In a matter of months, I was able to do all of that. I highly recommend Izabella, she has changed everything for me.

    Sarah Flynn, UK

    Izabella is a fantastic coach & mentor. She breaks things down into easy and understandable chunks. I now have a consistent income, a consistent growth plan, all without any overwhelm. I can’t even put it into words. I love working with Izabella and cannot recommend her enough.

    Katie Helliwell, UK

    I can’t say enough about the outcome and benefits of working with Izabella. When I need mindset, I get mindset. When I need strategy, I get strategy. She’s got it all.

    Jenn Frost, USA

    Just how fast can it all shift for you?

    Just like when Drake suddenly had a son. #sorrynotsorry

    Listen up, buttercup. I have been in your heels, and I know what it’s like to take a backseat to other people’s dreams. Watching from the luxury box any given Sunday? I did it.

    Packing up your high-end closet and moving across the country so he could play for a new team while you’re left to pack everything up behind him? Been there. Sitting around the brunch table, pornstar martini in hand, speaking about fashion and football and wondering, “Is this REALLY all there is to life?” Done it, baby.

    And just like you, I wanted more. And I wanted it gift wrapped.

    I was hardcore craving.

    A career that made me dance my booty right outta bed cuz I was so damn in lurve with it.

    Money moves Cardi B would be proud of. I’m talking about cash coming in consistently — $$$ I earned myself.

    Set-my-soul-on-fire fulfillment and finances that matched (or exceeded, let’s be honest) my partner’s passion for his career.

    I wasn’t going to wait until it was handed to me either. I was going to fight for it — and I was gonna win. That’s when I traded in the role of trophy wife for entrepreneur and opened up my online business. In less than a month I had 17 clients. In the first year, I scaled to multiple 6-figures without running a single ad. That’s right. Like your green juice, this shit’s organic!

    Now I live abroad, wake up to the sea and sun every day with my high school sweetheart, and support him in his dreams at the same time as going after mine. We’re both wearing our crowns and living our #HighLife.

    Imagine This…

    Having the business that allows you to attract and serve dream clients and charge premium prices.

    Being totally supported by Izabella so you can skip the struggle and focus on your success.

    Being able to book the first class tickets to Dubai, LA or Bali with all that glorious leg room, the 5-star hotels with their endless infinity pools, the shopping and the dining and the just plain LIVING — on your own budget.

    It is time to stop fantasizing about the business and lifestyle you adore… and actually start living it. Your one day, can start today!

    YES, this is exactly what I’ve been missing, Izabella!

    Schedule your private complimentary call with a member of Izabella’s team today to take the next step.

    Poor me a glass of POSITIVE VIBES