How to Make Money Moves as a Service Based Entrepreneur

September 7th • 9 am to 6 pm

Crowne Plaza, Blackfriars, London

The High Life [the-hi-li-yfe]:

tapping into your highest vibration and creating big money in your business so you can live out the most ‘over the top’ luxurious life.

I see you, you’re here to BE BIG & DO BIG!

The High Life choose you. Being able to walk out of your city apartment, Chanel bag in one hand and iPhone in the other. You walk past the branded boutiques and pick up the latest pair of heels (you once dreamed of being able to do that) on the way to your favourite high vibe work spot. Pull out your rose gold MacBook, order your Chai Latte and get’cha hustle on to create the content for your brand new programme and offers before you jet off to yet another luxury location. Your emails are popping off with all your sales notifications coming through.

But there you are…

Feeling like your living more of “The Low Life”. Sat behind your desk with a bun on top of your head, staring at your computer thinking of what your next business move is going to be as the last one “didn’t work” and the creativity is sucked out of you. Your feeling deflated after having a sales call with an ideal client that said they were going to sign up and is now ignoring you… you wish you did it differently. Your partner comes in from work and asks “so have they paid?” and a tear drops down your face and feelings of failure rush into your body.

Luckily for you it’s time to upgrade yourself and really step into the role of a woman entrepreneur that lives THE HIGH LIFE!

Sounds dreamy right?

There are 3 steps to living out The High Life: vibration, creation & monetisation.

Wanna know more? Keep on reading…

Are you living the low life or the high life?


your vibrational state and attitude predicts your business success.

The Low Life

  • Feeling defeated that things are “not working” even after putting in all the work and seeing little to no results.
  • Feeling stuck, anxious and in fear of not bringing in the money to support their needs, never mind desires.
  • Feeling isolated and disconnected from their mission, vision and has little clarity on who they are and what they do.
  • Doing everything themselves because they don’t believe they have the money to hire support.

The High Life

  • Creates an aligned plan which allows them to put in the #hustle and experiences the rewarding results. 
  • Shifts their perspective to experience change, focuses on the solutions and finds a way to do everything they desire to do no better what.
  • Trusts in their connection to a higher source and chooses to have pure clarity on their massive mission and be on the vibration of what you they are really asking for.
  • Doing whatever it takes to seek the support, get high level mentoring and puts time aside for the self care they desire.


you have to bring your uniqueness if you are going to stand out

The Low Life

  • Scared to hit the LIVE button on Instagram and Facebook to deliver value to their audience in case they “mess up”.
  • Copy and comparing their programmes, sales pages and social media posts to their industry leaders.
  • Creating rushed content that has low engagement on social media platforms sales calls not getting booked.
  • Spending time thinking & planning their next move.

The High Life

  • Stands up for what they believe in and can’t stop showing up, being visible and sharing their message that appeals to their audience.
  • Is their own inspiration full of ideas that has them in complete flow when putting content out.
  • Huge momentum on all platforms, content reaches out and grabs ideal clients attention which gets high engagement and interactions.
  • Spending time executing and producing their next level of success.


your skills and ideas are only as good if you can monetize it.

The Low Life

  • No structure to their business model so is confused on what their next step is and is doubting if it is even going to even work.
  • Low confidence on packages and prices, focusing on the money rather than the offer and serving.
  • Low closing rates on sales calls which makes them go into fear and feel guilty of not being able to do the things with their family that they promised.
  • No marketing plan or launch plan so throws offers out and hopes for the best.

The High Life

  • Complete clarity on business models and how to best monetize and move forward with it. Excited about hitting their financial goals.
  • High confidence on packages and prices with a huge focus on serving and the offer being right for the client.
  • High closing rates on high ticket sales calls leading to 5 figures months.
  • Complete plan of action and knows how to best market and launch their brand new services.

Done with The Low Life?

Read to enter The High Life?


What’s will be going down?

Izabella will be taking you through these three steps throughout your day together so you can step fully into The High Life.


be on the vibration and frequency in your business to the level of confidence of Beyoncé’s at her Coachella performance.

Become aware of what needs to change and eliminate the limiting beliefs you subconsciously live by.

Learn how to tap into the highest of vibrations so you can shift your energy and set yourself up for attracting pure abundance.


How to master your money mindset and manifestation powers.


to excel you need to stand out and be the star… were going to sprinkle Kanye’s confidence all over you.


Uncover your uniqueness and inject it into your business to be a stand out in your industry.


How to have complete confidence in yourself so you can show up, get visible and serve.


Learn Izabella’s secrets to being visible and getting KNOWN by your ideal clients.


make big money moves by executing on your skills.

Create a business model that screams caa-ching-ah and allows you to leverage your time.

Master a marketing plan which gets you seen and heard.

Set your new golden goals and a 90 day action plan to take you there.

*Please note that Izabella leads her events in order to best serve the audience so topics are subject to change.


Who is this chick?

Izabella Levey is the go-to Success Coach for service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their online business & experience the ultimate up-level. Dubbed “New Women in Business 2018”, her own success story started in September 2017, when she locked down 17 fabulous clients in her first month in business. She went from charging £25per/hour to multi 6 figures in her first year in business.

Izabella is pulling back the curtain and sharing with you the truth behind what it really takes to run a successful business. This live event will bring together service based entrepreneurs from around the globe to step into the highest vibration so they can learn how to create big money moves in their business (cha-ching-ah). An abundance of money is absolutely necessary to live out your best life.

Whether you’re a newbie or an established entrepreneur and desire so much more for your life, then this event is for YOU! It’s for service based entrepreneurs who desire to create an abundance of money through making an impact!

Magical things happen when we step into our highest vibrations. We step away from the crippling beliefs we have held onto for so long and step into the person we really want to be (she’s already inside of you). You really do get to step into the high life, have the booming business (and bank account) so you can live out your craziest of desires! 

This is for you beautiful!


Live Event Agenda


8:00 - 8:30am

Registration & Warm Welcome

9:00 - 10:30am

Segment 1

10:30 - 11:00am

Refreshments & Networking

11:00 - 12:30pm

Segment 2

12:30 - 1:30pm


1:30 - 3:00pm

Segment 3

3:00 - 3:30pm

Refreshments & Networking

3:30 - 4:30pm

Segment 4

4:30 - 5:00pm

Refreshments & Networking

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Segment 5

What’s Included?

7th September 2019

9am – 6pm

Be prepared to enter into the most high vibrational day whilst Izabella shares her energy, charisma and knowledge with you all which will have you feeling so inspired and ready to take action.

Full day of live training, coaching & mentoring with Izabella in the highest of vibe locations.

The opportunity to receive high level coaching and mentoring to the ultimate transformation.

Connect with global glambosses who will become your new #businessbesties. Integrate yourself with a new found tribe as you connect with other women that are going all in.

A luxurious lunch & refreshments will be provided throughout the day.


What they say about Izabella…

This was the best event I have attended! I have taken away so much and now I have released so much too. Now I can show up in my business more and be the fearless goddess I know I am.

Pippa Leslie

Transformational Coach

I have been to self-development/ business events previously, but I have never taken away so much value or felt so connected to the speaker before. The way Izabella manages to connect with each and every woman in the room and bring you together, to coach people on their journeys, allowing every single one of us to embrace our vulnerability, as well as pulling out your inner businesswoman and boss is incredible. She gives you the self-belief to level up! Her energy, the amount of value she offers on a self-development level and business level is unmatched.”

Stephanie Ward

Relationship Coach

Izabella’s events are always amazing and each one gets more and more valuable. Izabella has such a unique style… she always recognises the things I need to work on and helps me to overcome all my challenges! She has her own technique, that’s for sure! I always leave her events with clear strategies and takeaways that help me in my personal life as well as business. She’s a total inspiration, the ultimate girl boss…. and with her on your side, you know she will give you the confidence to achieve anything!!

Ashton Tansey

CEO Sparkle Networking


A Note From Izabella

You deserve to be living out The High Life.

More than ever, women are stepping into their power and it for sure is powerful. It lights my soul up to see women worldwide stepping into their potential, making big money moves and living out a luxury life.

This is what life is about. Tuning into your soul’s ultimate desires, living every single day with so much purpose and creating changes and transformations all around the world.

Women are on the rise and I know your one of them. It is our duty to step into our souls calling, speak up, share our voice and create lasting change.

We are the generation to make a change. Be the woman that links arms with other powerful and influential entrepreneurs and allow me to support you in releasing those things that no longer serve you so you really can receive the ultimate up level.

Following this event be prepared for everlasting change. Creating the life you crave & making the money you desire.

I desire nothing more than to guide you into living The High Life!

Lets do this!



What they say about Izabella…

One of the most incredible female entrepreneurs of this time. An influencer, thought leader and complete inspiration in everything she does and executes. He energy, ethics and skill set is on fire. She will touch you and literally, you will turn to gold. She will change your life forever.
Jennifer HardiE

I tripled my prices and income! I desired to be location independent, quit my job and move abroad to move forward with my coaching business. In a matter of months, I was able to do all of that.  I highly recommend Izabella, she has changed everything for me.

Sarah Flynn

Izabella is a fantastic coach & mentor. She breaks things down into easy and understandable chunks. I now have a consistent income, a consistent growth plan, all without any overwhelm. I can’t even put it into words. I love working with Izabella and cannot recommend her enough.
Katie Helliwell


The answers to all your questions

Where is the event being held?

Crowne Plaza London The City
19 New Bridge Street,
London, EC4V 6DB

Where is the nearest tube station / train station / airport?

Airport – London City / London Gatwick.
Tube & Train – Blackfriars

What is the dress code?

Whatever your most badass on brand business boss would wear.

How do I meet other people that are going?

There is a connection thread in my private Facebook community The #GlamBoss Club.

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