Client Concierge Part 1


Client Concierge Part 1 Resources

ClickUp Template

If you have ClickUp, you can download the exact template we walked though in the training here.



CLICKUp template

Watch this walkthrough video showing you how to download your ClickUp template.

CSV File

If you are using another project management (PM) software such as Asana, Trello or Monday.com, you can upload this csv version of the template above. To do this, follow these steps:


  1. Click on the links below. Create a copy of the file as directed
  2. The spreadsheet will open up in google sheets. Navigate to “File → Download→ comma separated values to convert it into csv format
  3. Go to the import function of your current project management software to your PM tool of choice and upload it following the platform’s instructions
  4. Because ClickUp has additional functionality compared to other PM tools on the market, it is likely you will have to make some edits in order to ensure it is set-up the way the template is in the training video


client onboarding


Client Management

Client Onboarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP Template)

Use this template to document the process you follow to onboard clients and then share it with your team!



Onboarding sop template

Zap Template

This is an example of an automation that allows you to move information between different third part platforms. This Zap template using the automation tool Zapier allows you to automatically send leads from your CRM software into your project management system.



ZAP template

Watch this walkthrough video showing you how to download and customise your template.

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