A podcast where we explore what it really takes to build riches, discuss the reality of relationships and how to manage it all. This podcast is a must for entrepreneurial women who are building their own empire alongside athletes, entertainers and successful businessmen.


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Getcha eyes on the finer details you may have missed as we dive deeper into each episode. 


How To Set Your Goals & Break Them Them Down To Achieve With Ease.


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Hey Beautiful,

My name is Izabella Levey and I’m a Business Mentor and Speaker. I support partners of athletes, entertainers and businessmen to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight as they scale their businesses and live their very own #highlife.

Most days you’ll find me sipping sangria, working on strategy and creating a life that feeds the soul whilst spending time with my high-school sweetheart.


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Mykonos, Greece - 1st – 6th July 2019

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I’m here to help you stop waking up in the morning, asking yourself the question of “what shall I work on today?”. 

I created The #GoalDigger Planner to make sure you have the purrfect and productivity plan to achieving your goals. 

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