8 Week Self Study Course

The Ultimate Fast Track Pass For New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Hit Those £5K Months.

Let’s keep it real…

You expect the best from yourself AND your business.

You were not made for the economy class lifestyle. You’re the type of woman that belongs in first class, sipping on her champagne whilst working from the sky on your rose gold laptop. You crave the successful business that allows you to make bank whilst living out your #bestlife. That’s why the coasting in your comfort zone has gotta stop, like, yesterday.


It’s time you say good-bye to :


Trying to figure out how to build a boast-worthy business all by yourself.

Watching others in your industry killing it online, leaving you wondering what you’re doing wrong?!

Wishing for it and winging it rather than take strategic, aligned ACTION.


Your budget not matching your boujiness. Oh you think I don’t see you?! 

What you actually deserve? (And stay with me here, because it’s a lot):


A successful business that bankrolls your #bestlife with cashmola left ovah.


Feeling so flipping confident in your services AND your ability to sell them, you hold your head as high as an Egyptian queen’s.


Working on your rose gold laptop, serving high class clients who pay premium prices


Having infinite financial independence to be, do and have literally anything your heart desires “Yes, please. I’ll have the white Range Rover. And put one of those ridiculously large bows on it like in the Christmas commercials.”


Making an impact that goes way beyond anything you’ve ever done before. Because when you take a stand for yourself, you take a stand for women everywhere.

IT’S NOT YOUR fantasy.
IT’S YOUR future.

Allow me to open the golden gates to your new world with *drumroll*

8 Week Self Study Course

Rise Into Richesis your bespoke itinerary for successfully hitting the big bucks in your business that you can’t wait to brag about.(What? No shame in this game.)

You’ll receive your private members lounge packed with premium resources from a multi six-figure millennial mentorwho will take your well-manicured hand, coach you to your next levelvia all the online materials you needto get there.

Because burnout is NOT part of this plan. 

Clients Success Sneak Peek

Hey Soul Sister!

I’m Izabella. I’m ready to help you rise into your own riches. What do I know about it? Let me blow your mind for just a second:
In my first month in business – I signed 17 clients.

In my first year I made over a quarter of a million dollars (with no lists, no ads & no paid marketing). 

In the last 3.5 I’ve mentored my clients to generate over $3.5 million in new revenue.

I know what it’s like to have those big dreams, but feeling like you need the step by step plan to make it happen. You want the successful business, the financial freedom, the travel and all the luxuries that go with it — and you want to do it on YOUR TERMS. 

I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s absolutely possible for you. #crossmyheartandhopetoscuffmyHermesbag. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve helped countless clients do it too. When you join Rise Into Riches, you’ll rise into their ranks.

“My life changed the moment I decided:  actually I can.”


What is Rise Into Riches?

Rise Into Riches is the online course for new or aspiring service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to move to the £5k/month mark.

Cover your eyes with a cucumber and imagine for a second:


Having clear-as-the-blue-sky clarity on your business and the next power moves you’ve gotta make to turn it from passion project into profitable money-making machine.


Ideal clients queuing up to work with you, sliding into your DMs like your thirsty ex-boyfriend after one too many Mojitos.


Knowing exactly what you’re selling with no fuss. Packages? Nailed. Pricing? Premium. Programmes? Laid out and ready to sell.


Increasing your bank account as you increase your wealth consciousness. 


Leaving your sales calls, cash in hand, new client on the calendar.


Having simple, strategic marketing that werks without you needing to drop any dimes on paid advertising.

Rise Into Riches provides you with the business training and premium resources you need to accelerate your business forward (faster than a lambo).

Rise Into Riches is an 8 week online self-study course exclusively designed to take you step by step to being booked out in your business.

Whether you’re starting from square one, or you’ve been banging your head against the business-building wall for quite some time now, Rise Into Riches will take you on a high-flying journey of personal and professional growth you can’t get anywhere else.

Gain lifetime access to a members lounge packed with your money making modules, workbooks, exercises, videos, checklists. Imagine walking into a room filled with business-building treasures. Touch them, and everything turns to gold. Yeah, that’s this membership site.

These in-depth modules will get you to a place of saying to yourself:

“wow, I once dreamed of this and it’s now my reality!”

For all the inside scoop, have a saucy scroll through the curriculum.

The Complete Membership Suite

You will receive instant access to our members library:

Your training suite comprises 8 in-depth modules designed to take you step by step in reaching your riches.   

Orientation Material

The Life Detox
Roadmap To £5K Months

Module 1: Goals & Action Plan

Getcha game plan in check & put it into action with our powerful productivity and time management techniques.

The Game Plan
Get the ultimate clarity on your dream life & business.
Set your booming business, financial and luxe lifestyle goals and develop a strategic step by step action plan to slingshot you straight to ‘em.

The Power of Productivity
Learn how to use your brain power to its full potential in order to seriously scale up your productivity.

Productivity Planner
A goal without a plan is just a dream. As #TrophyLifers, we like to dream big AND achieve big, so this Planner is gonna help you do exactly that.

Module 2: Mindset Makeover

Be prepared for success because that’s exactly what you are going to set yourself up for – each and e-v-e-r-y day hereon in.

Morning Rituals
Start your day set to slay. Design your very own miracle morning so you connect to your higher self and train your brain for success.

Aligning with Abundance
Create a positive and powerful relationship with money so you can create wealth and live an abundant life.

The Book Club
Leaders are readers, so browse through your library of Izabella’s favourite books to help you develop and nurture yourself.

Module 3: Ideal Client

Number one rule of selling? Know your ideal client through & through – from their fave place to shop down to their very Starbucks order.

Creating Your Ideal Client
Identify your ideal client so you know exactly who’s gonna line up around the block to be in your client roster.

Master Your Market
Master the art of magnetizing your ideal clients so they find you rather than you needing to scramble, sweat and search.

Client Couture
This checklist will help you ensure anyone you work with is an ideal client – and NOT a time and energy drain!

Testimonial Tools
Testimonials are a powerful way to build “social proof” online. Use them strategically to speak directly to your dream clients and overcome objections in advance.

The Top Class Tagline
Laser in on your message so that the world knows exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should hand you their credit card number.

Discover how to find your true voice and craft captivating copy that converts.

Module 4: Packages & Prices

Leverage your time and increase your income by creating a premium package with a premium price point. (Hint: it’s actually EASIER to sell than lower-ticket offers)

The First Class Experience
Create a first class experience for your client by walking through the exact profound transformational journey you’re going to take them on.

Building Out Your First Class Offer
Think of your service as an experience that you’re taking your client on. We’re going to build a First Class experience your clients won’t stop raving about.

The First Class Business Model
Once you’re clear on your prices and packages, we’re going to check in with your business model and financial goals.

Onboarding Your Client
First impressions are always important, and never more so than with your clients. Develop your bespoke onboarding process to ensure the smoothest of starts.

BONUS: Legal 101
It is vital that you make sure that your business is protected so we’ve teamed up with Legal Expert, Natasha Minchella, to share with you exactly what you need to put in place for your business to thrive and reach next level success.

Module 5: High Ticket Sales

Ready to slay your sales? Learn the exact process you need to invite your prospects to a ‘discovery call’ that leads on to a sale (in an “un-salesy” way).

Self Discovery To Sales
Successful sales begin with self-confidence. Get confident and comfortable with doing what it takes to bring in that cashamola. 

The Breakthrough Call
Learn the exact process you need to invite your prospects to a ‘discovery call’ that leads on to a sale (in an “un-salesy” way).

Successful Sales Calls
Once you’re getting those sales calls booked in left, right & center, go through this guidance to help ensure you slay those sales calls. 

Sales & Service Script
Get Izabella’s step-by-step sales script and recording which will show you how to master the art of sales (while never ever ever ever feeling like a used car salesman).

Overcoming All The Objections
How to handle literally any objection your prospect throws at you, so they can get out of their own way and into your programme.

Sales & Lead Tracker
Tracking your leads and sales is a really important part of your business, so we’ve developed this handy tracker to help you focus on your numbers and get converting those leads with ease.

Module 6: Develop A Brand

You weren’t designed to blend in with the crowd, so why would your business?!

Developing A Personal Brand
Create a brand unique to you that magnetizes in your audience (without you even needing to bribe them with a Starbucks latte first)

Developing Your Branding
It’s time to focus on the experience you create for a customer. We’re about to zone in on what they will say about you when you walk out of the room.

Your Brand Photoshoot
This tells you exactly how to plan a purposeful shoot with your ideal client in mind.

Shoot With Confidence
You’re about to learn how to create visual content that represents your brand and message, so it can be used in your marketing to attract and serve more clients.

Module 7: Social Media Strategy

Grow powerful platforms that help you build that all important “know, like & trust” factor that enables you to add to your lead pipeline with ease.

The Flawless Foundations
Make your mark on social media by developing a consistent brand message and feel that’s got ‘em falling in love with you from first click

Crafting Content That Converts
Learn how to craft and create content for your feed, stories & IGTVs that make people want to throw their card right atchu

Growing A Powerful Platform
Create a social media plan with all the bingeable content that will have your audience voluntarily handcuffed to your feed.

Module 8: Launch Plan

With anything that you’re selling, you can’t just go straight in for a sale. You wouldn’t go straight from meeting someone to inviting them to your wedding, would you?! Master the art of launching strategically.

The Launch Lifecycle
Learn the 3 phases you need to go through and prep for in order to achieve a super successful launch.

Launch Webinars
Using webinars to draw in new leads, display your expertise even further, and add fuel to your launch.

Launch Livestreams
Using livestreams to level up your launch by engaging and prepping your audience even more.

Email Marketing
Get the steps on how to create a really effective email marketing sequence to complement your launch.

Sealing The Sale
The success you have with sales during your launch depends highly on how you position yourself for closing the sale.



What they say about Izabella…

Your Investment

Pay In Full


Pay In Full

2 x Payments of £600

Does this feel like a match made in Heaven??
You’re a born to Rise Into Riches if…

You have always wanted to be your own Sugar Mama and bring a bag full of cash + clients to the table. 

You have the skill set, but need all the business blocks put into place to hit your £5k months — and then some.

You are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the successful business that you desire — and receiving the training that will take you there faster.

Imagine This…

Having a business that allows you to attract and serve dream clients

Having a step by step roadmap via Izabella’s premium resources so you can skip the struggle and focus on your success…

Being able to book the business class tickets to Dubai, LA or Bali with the 5-star hotels with their endless infinity pools, the shopping and the dining and the just plain LIVING — on your new-found premium budget.

Your one day, can start today!

YES, this is exactly what I’ve been missing, Izabella!


When does the course start and finish?

The course is a completely self-paced online course – once enrolled you gain instant and lifetime access. 

How long do I have access to the course?

Any program you buy from me, Izabella Levey, is 100% yours forever.

That’s a promise.

How do I know this right for me?

Rise Into Riches is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to start or grow a service based business, and they want an easy-to-follow plan forgetting there fast. 

Types of industries that have been through course content: 

Coaches, consultants, trainers, photographers, videographers, freelancers, accountant, stylists, lawyer, event planner, beauticians, aesthetics, content creators.

What do I need to get started?

To get started all you need to do is choose your investment option, enrol into the course and get ready to rise into riches. 

Pour me a glass of positive vibes


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